Driving Tours

Enjoy everything our area has to offer!

From barn quilts to ghost towns, shopping to kayaking, family fun awaits!

Whether you have an hour or all day, check out the links below for some fun driving tours in our area.  Enjoy!

Barn Quilt Driving Tour

Over 100 in Hamilton County!

Stagecoach Driving Tour

Travel in the earliest days of Hamilton County!

Country Schools Driving Tour

By 1874 there were 80 schools!

Ghost Towns Driving Tour

39 ghost towns in Hamilton County!

Cemeteries Driving Tour

Over 52 at one time in Hamilton County!

Landmarks Driving Tour

Monuments, museums & more!

Mills Driving Tour

As many as 17 existed in Hamilton County!

Enjoy Webster City's small town charm!

Our business community will greet you with a smile and exceed all your expectations!

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