Wildcat Distilling Co. – A True Iowa Distillery. An Iowa Legend in the Making

Owners Credit Agricultural Heritage, a Charming Downtown, Strategic Location, and a Supportive Business Community for Choosing Webster City Location

Webster City Area Chamber Ambassadors recently toured the Wildcat Distilling Co

Farm, located on the Lemke family farm just outside Webster City. This farm-to-bottle

distillery is unique in that all stages of production take place on-site, from

tilling, milling, and distilling.

Wildcat Distilling Co prides itself on using either homegrown or locally grown corn and grain to produce its whiskey and spirits. The entire process, from planting the seeds to bottling the final

product, is completed on-site by the Lemke and Nelson families, ensuring a high level of quality and a deep connection to the local land.

Farm to Bottle

At the distillery, chamber board members and ambassadors were able to see firsthand

how the alcohol is processed. The grains are harvested and then milled and distilled on

the farm, showcasing the methods used by Brad Lemke, Master Distiller. This farm-to-

bottle approach not only supports local agriculture but also adds value to the crop for

the family farm.

The tour by the Chamber Ambassadors highlights the symbiotic relationship between

the distillery and the local community. Wildcat Distilling Co not only contributes to the

local economy by using locally grown ingredients but also enriches it by offering a

product that is distinctly tied to the area’s agricultural heritage. Wildcat Distilling Co

represents a seamless blend of tradition, quality, and local pride, making it a notable

example of farm-to-bottle distilling.

Chamber Ambassadors were also treated to a very special tasting of a soon to-be-

released recipe, straight from the barrel.

A Vision Becomes Reality at Wildcat Distilling Co

The concept for Wildcat Distilling Co began a decade ago when Alissa Nelson, Co-

owner, sought an escape from the confines of cubicle work. Driven by a desire to

explore additional revenue streams for her family’s farm, Nelson began brainstorming

innovative ideas that would both leverage and enhance their agricultural operations.

In a moment of inspiration, Nelson reached out to her brother Brad with a simple email to

gauge his interest in a new venture. This initial conversation set the wheels in motion for

what would eventually become Wildcat Distilling Co. Their combined enthusiasm and

dedication transformed a casual inquiry into a thriving business.

Webster City: The Perfect Home for Wildcat Distilling Co

When asked why they chose Webster City as the home for Wildcat Distilling Co, the

team of four co-owners, consisting of two siblings and their spouses, highlighted several

compelling reasons that align with the brand’s story and the family farm’s heritage.

Brad Lemke, co-owner, emphasized that Webster City’s rich agricultural roots and

status as a traditional farming community resonates deeply with the Wildcat Distilling Co

brand. The city’s character and history are true to the values and story the distillery


Charming Downtown and Strategic Location

Webster City’s charming downtown was another significant factor. The co-owners were

drawn to the area’s quaint appeal, which provides an inviting setting for their tasting

room. This picturesque downtown enhances the overall experience for visitors, offering

a perfect backdrop to enjoy locally crafted spirits.

Additionally, Webster City’s proximity to Highway 20 is advantageous. The highway

brings considerable traffic through the area, increasing visibility and accessibility for the

distillery. This location ensures that Wildcat Distilling Co can attract both locals and

travelers passing through.

Supportive Business Environment

The team also praised Webster City for its business-friendly environment. They noted

the positive attitude of the City of Webster City and the Webster City Area Chamber of

Commerce towards local businesses. This support has been crucial in establishing and

growing the tasting room.

Combining these factors—agricultural heritage, a charming downtown, strategic

location, and a supportive business community—Webster City emerged as the ideal

place for Wildcat Distilling Co. The decision reflects a blend of practical benefits and a

deep connection to the family farm’s story and values.

Webster City’s unique combination of historical charm, strategic positioning, and

community support made it the perfect home for Wildcat Distilling Co, allowing the

brand to flourish while staying true to its roots.

The experience extends beyond the farm to Wildcat Distilling Co’s tasting room, located

in Downtown Webster City. Here, patrons can sample the distillery’s various spirits and

learn more about the craftsmanship that goes into each bottle. The tasting room serves

as a bridge between the rural origins of the spirits and the community that enjoys them.

For those who can’t make it to the tasting room, Wildcat Distilling Co’s products are also

available in area grocery stores. This local distribution network ensures that residents

and visitors alike can enjoy the farm’s offerings conveniently.

Wildcat Distilling Co.’s tasting room is located at 626 Second Street in downtown

Webster City. The family-friendly environment welcomes patrons of all ages and outside

food is permitted inside the tasting room. Guided tastings are offered as a ticketed event

on the first Saturday of each month. The distillery recently kicked off it’s Summer Vibes

series offering a variety of live music by local musicians. The tasting room recently

expanded to offer outdoor seating on the parklet, an outdoor patio. The tasting room is open Thursday evenings 4-9PM, Friday evenings 4-10PM, and Saturdays 1-10PM.

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