Starting a Business

So you want to start a business? 

We've partnered with the Small Business Development Center to bring you all the tools you need to start your own business (or expand). 

You will find the files you need below and you can print them out and keep them.  If you like, feel free to stop by our office and pick up a SBDC packet with all of these tools included. 
Checklist   Start here, and it will guide you through what you need to do.
Legal Entities  What kind of legal entity will you need to set yourself up as? 
SBDC Form to let them help you -- fill out this form and return it to our office or email deb@visitwebstercityiowa.com  This form will help us help you! 
Resource Page -- links to the resources you will need to begin your business
Additional Information - Taxes, employees, etc. 

Business Planning Guide -- everyone needs a business plan.  This guide will walk you through the process of creating one.   We can also email this guide to you in a word document.  Just ask!