Small Business Saturday 11-28
Thanksgiving Weekend is traditionally the kickoff to Christmas shopping.  

We know that.  We also know that many of the big box stores have special sales on Black Friday (and now even on Thanksgiving Day).  Our retailers are open on that Friday too, and also have many sales. 

We're asking you to try something a little different this year.  Shop Small.  

Stay home on Saturday and visit your local stores.  You'll be surprised at how much you can actually find in the Webster City area.  Save gas on driving.  Save your sanity and don't fight the crowds in those large towns.  Park in front of the store where you want to shop.  Get personalized service.  And enjoy the sales.

There are other reasons to shop small.  Here's just a few reasons why we want you to shop small: 
  • Locally owned businesses put money back into the community.  They support the Little League and Boy Scouts and the local theater.  
  • Locally owned business owners are your neighbors.  You go to church with them.  You attend the Lions, Rotary or Kiwanis with them.  They are your friends. 
  • Locally owned businesses hire local people.  They provide jobs.  

Help keep our community vibrant.  Help grow our community into the kind of place we all want to live in.  You can do that by shopping small.  
Saturday, November 28 we’re adding a special bonus to shoppers!   Shop in these 12 stores and you may be one of the lucky shoppers who receive a gift for participating! 
Stony Creek Landscapes
Critter Nation
SOS Vintage and Relax the Bath
Grid Iron Grill
Hy Vee
2nd Street Emporium
Gilbert Jewelers
Home Appliance
Interior Spaces
Webster City True Value
Future of Health Massage
Heart 'n Home
Also Open on Small Biz Saturday
Seneca Street Saloon
  11 am to 2 am
Leon’s Pizza
La Jarochita Mexican Restaurant
US Cellular
Verizon Wireless