Pass Through

Entertainment and food vendors

2nd Street Emporium
Come inside for some air conditioned comfort as you enjoy our breakfast buffet and bloody Mary Special! Located right across from the Webster Theater, we're easy to find. 
Crispy Eggroll
Yummmm - egg rolls of all sorts!  Easy to eat, easy to hold, and yummy in the tummy.  Smoothies too!  $1.50 per egg roll, $4 for a big smoothie. 
Webster City Lions Club
What's better than pancakes for breakfast?  How about pancakes cooked on a big outside grill?  Take your cakes, banana and bottled water (only $5)  and watch a little Human Foosball! 
Webster City Rotary
Partner the Rotary with Webster City Custom Meats, and Fareway and you can look forward to a mouth watering treat!  Breakfast at it's best - bacon, egg and cheese burrito and a drink - all for $5! 

WC Church of Christ
Willing to walk a block or so for pie? Then wander down Des Moines Street  and have 1 hot breakfast sandwich, your choice of homemade pie or cinnamon rolland a drink for $6.  ​ free wifi, bathrooms and air conditioned, indoor seating
Nubs Bbq
Doesn't your mouth just water thinking about barbeque in July? Ours too! Come try some delicious, cooked right in front of you bbq.  
La Perla Jarocha
Corn on the cob, Mexican style; burritos; quesadillas, horchata water and pina colada water -- nothingover $2!  Hope you're hungry ...
​Leon’s Pizza
Breakfast pizza, hot out of the oven and only $2 a slice!  We’re pretty sure Leon will have some other goodies for sale as well!  
Fire and Ice Delights
Have you heard of kettle corn?  Well what about kettle crack?  It's just that good - you become addicted!  Add in a lemon shake up and you feel like you are outta this world. 

july 21 - tuesday - fun starts at 4 am!

We've got some questions for you ....  #movewc

RideWC - if it moves, we love it! 

What moves you?   

Human Foosball
Yes, you read that right.  You are the swiveler, kicker, holder oner while trying to move the ball and score.  You - the human.  We think never has a game been so competitive and fun at the same time!  This event is sponsored by Jerry Goebel, State Farm. MAC Church in Blairsburg is the builder of the event! 
Spam a lot
Good Lord knows what will happen when the crew from Spam a lot shows up for RAGBRAI!! Knights, queens, monks and a rolling rabbit - this could be big fun! 
Today's Your Day
Those are balloons!  These guys can create any kind of balloon you can imagine - and we hear they have some pretty cool cut outs to take pictures by - or in - or through ...
See Alice
Here's what we know:  you'll want to get your picture taken, you'll laugh for days about it, you won't see it anywhere else, and it's a fundraiser for the Chamber (only $5).
July is probably going to be pretty hot.  It is Iowa after all.  Doesn't a frozen fruit bar sound just about perfect?  Enjoy your fruit on a stick and ice cold!  Only $3 or two for $5. 
​Thelma's Ice Cream
We use my 108-year-old grandma Thelma’s cookie recipes.  We make all the cookies from scratch and then such sweet Anderson Erickson ice cream between them.  We will be showcasing a new Ragbrai flavor this year, apple pie a la mode, apple pie cookies with vanilla ice cream.  - Derek, owner
​Hy-Vee - in Parking Lot
Beverage station
Fresh cut fruits and vegetables
Breakfast& lunch Sandwiches & wraps
Grilled and Smoked offerings
On site DJ
Inside the store: 
We will have a breakfast buffet
A late morning pasta bar
Air conditioning 
Ice and Wine & Spirits


Mornin' Glory Coffee - coffee treats and smoothies
Seneca St. Saloon - Bloody Mary's and breakfast snacks
Stony Creek Landscapes - fresh peaches

local business
​support matters!

Brick Gypsy

Wood fired in a brick oven - what would be good for breakfast?  We're thinking cinnamon rolls!  It will be hot, good and different ...
​ Webster City Grizzlies 8U youth baseball team will be selling ice cream, pop, water, frozen candy bars - see the kids on the street and they'll direct you to the freezers! 
Iglesia del Dios
Steak burritos and tacos and fruit cocktail -- muy delicioso! 


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Webster Theater 
Movies during a bike ride?  Why yes of course!  That is if the movies are about RAGBRAI!!! The Webster Theater will be showing the highlights from 2014 and also SAGBRAI – Second Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa movie.  Come into the air conditioned theater, enjoy some popcorn and watch the bike riders from days gone by!
Brennan Scott -- Juggler and Escape Artist 
​Audiences are thrilled with the family-friendly juggling and Houdini style escapes of Brennan Scott. Filled with laughter, surprise and suspense, Brennan's shows offer something novel and fresh.  Thanks to Neighbors Heating and Cooling for sponsoring Brennan! 
We are known for our Doodlebugs!  Everyone wants to ride them - including Keith Murphy and Andy Fales - and the old guys will be out to showcase them again this year. 
Iowa or Iowa State? 

You'll get to vote with your change -- choose the side you favor (Iowa or Iowa State) portapotties on Des Moines Street.  Add some change (or bills) to the container on that side.  The most money collected from each side (after 1 pm) will get bragging rights for their team at RVTV!  
Locket Keepsakes
Why not take a souvenir home with you?  Whitney has all types of designs and they are easy to put on a chain and wear as you ride out of town!