the one conference you must attend - October 24

​Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce, Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, Social  Connections and NIACC Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center are collaborating to bring to North Central Iowa the Midwest Small Business Social Media Summit on October 24, 2015 at the Muse Norris Center. This full day event will bring national speakers and regional social media practitioners and information technology experts together with business owners, operators and entrepreneurs.
The Summit offers hands on workshops to help small businesses successfully integrate social media and digital marketing with their other marketing efforts. Attendees will be offered tracks for both First Steps (for beginners) and Step Up Your Game (for the more advanced or experienced).
WIIFM - What’s In It For Me?
Attendees will at minimum leave with concrete accomplishments, supporting materials to follow through on a social media work plan, new networking connections, market intelligence and motivation. We’ll have real world success stories to emulate.
Attendees will also get one-on-one assistance in the workshop sessions. Depending on the track, attendees will establish their own social media accounts, practice effective posting, and gain experience with capturing customer data, tracking metrics and cross platform management tools that allow businesses to target customers through content created once and used across multiple platforms.
North Iowa bloggers and volunteers will help you get the most out of the programs.



Scott Meyer, 9Clouds.com digital literacy for businesses —  Keynote Speaker Predictive Social Media: Growing Business and Changing a Community
Social media is often used to shout into the abyss of the Internet. The most effective use of social media is with small, targeted groups of potential customers. Use your social media profiles to find specific customers and create real world change
In this high energy session for all skill levels, Scott Meyer, the “brofounder” of the digital marketing firm 9 Clouds, will show how your business can talk directly to potential leads and current customers in a personalized, but scalable, method on social media. Also learn data-mining hacks to use to identify who you should be talking to online.
Social media is your eyes, ears and voice online. Learn to use it effectively in this session.

Shannon Latham  of Sheffield, Iowa, is vice president of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, an independent, family-owned seed corn company bringing world-class technology home to to rural communities through in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.  The company celebrates its 70th year of business in 2017.
Passionate about social media and advocating for agriculture, Shannon blogs nearly every week day on TheFieldPosition.com and tweets under the handle @LathamSeeds. She also serves as chair of the Communications Committee for the American Seed Trade Association, which is undertaking a major consumer outreach program with a social media component.

Darcy Maulsby, Farmer Paparazzi and rural marketer — Shoot! How to Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Photos
Described as an “artist with words” and “farmer paparazzi,” Darcy runs her own marketing/communications company. She covers agriculture, food, and business topics for regional and national publications, as well as leading organizations including Business Publications, the American Soybean Association, Syngenta, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, the National Pork Board. She helps these clients master the art of connecting with customers online through a unique voice.

Lori Lite, Stress Free Kids — How social media marketing led to real world sales and fed the famous Shark Tank investors.
Lori Lite is a blogger, social media strategist, Twitter specialist, parenting expert, and successful entrepreneur. Her line of books, CDs, and lesson plans are considered a resource for parents, psychologists, therapists, teachers, doctors, and yoga instructors. Lori’s received national attention on Shark Tank.

Tony Halsted, Hoover’s Hatchery – Vice President, Director of Business Development (Owner)
Following graduation from NIACC in Mason City, Iowa, then the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls; Tony Halsted went to work for Principal Financial Group in Mason City in the Retirement Plan Division focusing on Business Development.
Upon the death of his father, Halsted decided to come home and assist his mother with the hatchery. With the experience he gained in the world of technology, Hasted knew he would be able help the business reach the next level.
The 70 year old business has a history for producing the highest level of quality genetics and baby chicks, and other fowl, at competitive prices for their customers; both nationally and internationally. The biggest challenge came in the form of finding a specific niche industry and building a business plan around it – which has proven successful because of use of technology such as retail and wholesale websites, Twitter, Pinterest and a revamped inventory control and process management system.

Noah and Brooke Kupcho – Instagram and building your business
Noah and Brook are husband and wife and Magazine makers. When they launched Wolftree Magazine out of whim (and debatable stupidity) two years ago they had little expectation. Bolt from blue, it worked. Sure they started with the most backwards sorts of a business plan – had no idea how hard it would be – and operated completely on impulse… they have learned a few things on the way.

Kelli Bloomquist is an adjunct Professor at Iowa Central Community college. Her interests include Crisis communication and management, Public Relations & Social Media, Print media, Newspapers and online journalism, PR and Advertising, and Communication.​

North Iowa Bloggers – This lively group will be assisting businesses in setting up Facebook pages and answering questions!
The North Iowa Bloggers are a diverse group of people that share their life experiences through their writing. You can find them on several social media platforms, as a group and as individual bloggers. They are each passionate about North Iowa and what it has to offer.