Get Your Lynx

Everyone wants one ....

The Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce is celebrating 100 years in business in 2017.  We know that is a reason to celebrate!  

We ordered the Lynx through the same people who did the Cy statues in Ames.   We commissioned this Lynx with Maureen Seamonds and she has done a fabulous job of representing the Chamber on the body.  

We are encouraging businesses to order their own, have them painted, and display them throughout the year.  It's a small investment for the exposure your business will receive.  

How much do they cost? 
We spent $750 for the item, and the total with shipping was $910.00.  

What does it weigh?
The lynx weighs 70 pounds and is able to be mounted on a stand of some sort.  We are looking at mounting it on a rolling stand so it will be easier to transport.   The total weight of the item shipped was 200 pounds because it was in a shipping crate. 

What is made of? 
Fiberglass.  It's 30" x 40".  

How will I know how to paint it?
You'll receive a tips and tricks booklet from the creator of the fiberglass mold.  

Where do I get it painted? 
You can contact Maureen Seamonds at Produce Station Pottery if you want her work and she also has referrals she can share with you.  It's fiberglass so if you know an auto body person, they can probably do it as well.  

How do I order one?
Contact us at the Chamber and we will send you all the details!  515-832-2564 or leah@visitwebstercityiowa.com 

What can you do with the Lynx? 

Paint it to represent your business!  

Enter it into parades.

Participate in scavenger hunts with the Chamber. 

Encourage people to come take pics and post them online.  

What's your hashtag?  Use it often and share the statue!

Create contests around your statue.  

Naming contest,  Where is my statue contest.  New slogan contest.  and on and on!

The Chamber will soon have many ways you can join in with your statue.  So be sure to get yours ordered right away!