Diversity Training

It's a new world out there ....

​June 16 at 5:30 pm WCF Financial Bank will host a Diversity Training sessions for employers in the local area.   Come to the training room at their new location at 401 Fair Meadow Drive. 

This training will examine the issues that separate and divide people and start the bridge building process. Participants will benefit by being able  to more easily identify unfair treatment, ism’s, prejudice, stereotypes, privilege and discrimination.

Also participants will understand how one’s worldview, biases, and assumptions impact relationships with others, including co-workers, clients, and community stakeholders.

Meet the trainer

​My Name is Zadok Nampala, I am originally from Kenya. I have lived in the US for about 10 years. I am a  Licensed Masters Social Worker in the State of Iowa. I live in Iowa Falls. Currently I am an instructor at Ellsworth and BVU and International students advisor at NIACC. I have been working with immigrants and low income families in many capacities since arriving in Iowa, most notably as an interpreter in hospitals, schools and court houses around the state. I also do diversity and cultural competency trainings for organizations and institutions locally and cross borders. 

​"Many companies are beginning to embrace the need for diversity in the workplace. Federal law prohibits employee discrimination and exclusion from workplace activities and benefits. Supporting a diverse workforce helps employers remain in compliance with employment laws. Employers that invest in cultural diversity training can benefit from improved employee relations as well as an enhanced ability to interact and manage employees from several perspectives." smallbusiness.chron.com 
Register for this event by visiting this link: Diversity Training