Need Your Visioning Help
by staff on February 16th, 2016

       We received this email from Legacy Learning Boone River Valley and wanted to share it with all of our members.  We hope to see you on February 22!    

Dear Community Cultural Leader:
As you know, Legacy Learning Boone River Valley is a new 501C3 organization which was formed to enhance economic development in this area by offering a variety of one to three day workshops taught by experienced visiting craftsmen, artists, and trades­men in our local businesses, schools, college and parks.  We strive to bring the time-honored traditions and legacies of this great region into a relaxing, retreat style setting.
Last month, we met with met with Jennifer Drinkwater, an Iowa State University professor whose new position is Community Arts Specialist, to begin to develop our new strategic plan. As part of this planning, we are inviting other community arts and culture organizations to join us for a visioning session led by Ms. Drinkwater. She will provide strategies to be used in community planning, goal setting possibilities and some recent examples of successful community grant writing efforts.
What we know about our area is that we have many hard working, committed organizations providing programming and activities that enrich our community throughout the year. We all struggle with the same issues. We need stable revenue sources, targeted, effective publicity and communication and outreach to the Midwest audience beyond the local borders.
In our conversation with Ms. Drinkwater, it was apparent that we could have more impact if we consolidated our efforts and worked together to create a long-range plan for community cultural development. To that end, we are inviting anyone with an interest in the cultural life of the community to participate in this first community conversation and workshop about our local creative culture.
Please join us at All Cultures Equal, 1440 East Second Street on from 2 PM-5 PM on Monday, February 22nd with a wrap-up session from 5-6 PM to include input from those community members and organizations that cannot attend the earlier work session.
We look forward to talking with you and sharing ideas and developing some strategies that might make each of our organizations more effective.
Maureen Seamonds    Jean C Eells    Mike Brandrup    Sharon Cline    Rusty Bever    Keri Rojas

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Robin - February 18th, 2016 at 5:35 AM
I would love to attend, however, I am working during this time....I would appreciate an update / results of this meeting...I also am looking to connect with other artists in the area. Have a great time.
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